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RepairIT are an authorised re-seller of these new smart phones which are a cost effective competitor for the bigger brands on the market today. If you are unsure you can read this review that was featured in the Sunday Business Post: I love my iPhone and adore both my Samsung and my HTC handsets too, but I've long lamented both the high costs of buying them without contract (my preferred method) and the incredible cost of parts. Zopo has built a smartphone here that in every way measures up to my other, more expensive handsets.

The z700 boasts a bright 4.7" display and a quick quad core processor and even managed to give me nearly two days of battery. The dual Sim facility means you can actually have two Sim cards/phone number sets active at the same time, which can be very convenient when travelling. The camera is not as good as my iPhone 6, but I'm clutching at straws to criticise it - it's Phone Console and Laptop Repair199 without contract. Here's the bit I really love - parts are cheap and available. Smash your screen? Phone Console and Laptop Repair40 buys you a brand-new screen and they are available in Ireland.